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“A is for ___”

New Philharmonic

AGENDA: A440 Time Canon (John Stulz) electronics | A from Eunoia (Christian Bök) Poetry | A Major Etude (Matteo Carcassi) guitar | “A” Pop Song (Unknown) Voice | A Piece for Chieko Shiomi (Robert Bozzi) Ladder and Objects | A Rose Is A Rose Is A Round (James Tenney) Voices | ABC (The Jackson 5) | A Scales | Aces | Aces Apple Ale | Adagio (Robert Schumann) Guitar | Adelita (Francisco Tárrega) guitar | Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet: 1st principals of aerodynamics - for gary boggess - for bill mullane - for linda tadic - for myself - for chieko shiomi - one zen please, with a twist - for giovanna caicco - stones - wake up call - for mark cunningham (Arthur Jarvinen) variable | Afghanistan | Air (Thomas Robinson) Guitar | Airbag (Radiohead) | Air on the g- string (J.S. Bach) arr. winds/strings | Alejandro (Lady Gaga) | All That Fall (Samuel Beckett) Radio Play | Allegretto Un Poco Vivace (Manuel Ponce) Guitar | Allegro (Maurio Giulliani) Guitar | All You Need Is Love (The Beatles) | The Aleph (Jorge Luis Borges) Short Story | Amazing Grace (John Stulz) Viola | America (Allen Ginsberg) Poetry | America (Simon and Garfunkel) | Amen (Elliot Cole) twelve percussion | Amnesia | Anniversary (Ken Friedman) Sneezer and Anniversary Postcard | Anaktoria (Iannis Xenakis) Eight Musicians and Conductor | Anarchy in the UK (The Sex Pistols) | An Anarchist Manifesto (London Anarchist Communist Alliance) Speaker | Andersen Ben {Opus 46 and Opus 27] various | Anomalies | Antiphonies (Kaziboni/Stulz) winds | Anvil Chorus (David Lang) Percussion | Aperghis, Georges (Recitation 11) voice | accidents | Applause (Audience) Hands | Apples (Ben Vautier) Quartet and Apples | Apple Cider (Hard and Soft) | Apples to Apples| Arcarsinal (At The Drive-In) | Aria (John Cage) Voice | Arithmetic | Arrogant Bastard Ale | Art | Art of Fugue: Contrapunctus 1 & 2 (J.S. Bach) Winds/Strings | Antonin Artaud Quotes (Antonin Artaud) Speaker | A$$ (Big $ean) | Assembling | ASLP (John Cage) Organ | “Astrophysics” from Hughes Lectures (Richard Feynman) Lecturer | At the bottom of everything (Bright Eyes) Omaha Nostalgia | Attune (Larry Miller) voice | Audience Piece 10 (Ben Vautier) observer with binoculars | Auditions | Aus Dem Sieben Tag: Treffpunkt - Richtige Dauern - Setz Die Siegel - Intensität - Goldstaub (Karlheinze Stockhausen) Variable 

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Six Ways to Be Alone
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Coming Together